Study Hours Worksheet

Study Hours Worksheet

How much studying is required for college courses?  In order to give yourself the highest probability of success, you should spend approximately 3 hours of study for each hour of class.

For example, a class that meets, 3 times a week requires an additional 9 hours of outside studying (assignments/homework) per week.  Therefore, a student carrying 17 credit hours should plan to spend approximately 45 hours each week studying beyond the classroom. With a web class, it is calculated the same way, a 3-credit class requires an additional 3 hours of outside work per credit.

If you tally study time and class time, a typical student invests from 45 to 60 hours in academic work each week. Add a social life. And part-time job and you can see that time management will be critical to success.

Budgeting your time in college is a critical investment that starts paying off with your success!

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